About Us

Peter Herbert

Peter’s background is in the entertainment industry where he has over thirty years of experience, the latter half as Director of PH Production Services Ltd. Another of Peter’s current roles is as the Marketing Manager of a small family run retail business. Peter has first hand experience of the challenges of growing small businesses in today’s economic climate. Social Media plays a large part of his successful marketing strategy.

Combining Peter’s technical theatre and conference experience together with his passion for the importance of small business in our economy sharedmedia.tv is a channel to be able to help other business’s increase their market share competing with the big players.

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Russell Coppock

Russell has seven years experience as an IT Director and Manager focusing on delivering IT Solutions and products for SME and Blue Chip companies. Along side his IT Directorship he has been working with a number of organisations to provide video and marketing resources for charities and business throughout the UK.

Russell has a passion for working with charities and supporting them through marketing and raising awareness through social media marketing and video resources.  An example of this is the ECG Conference where for the past 4 years he has headed up a team to provide all the video resources for live visuals and recorded materials.

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Combining our skills, a formidable force…

Russell and Peter share a commitment to a local charity, NXT Ministries, and have worked together on many occasions on various concerts and conferences supporting the work of this organization. They also share a range of work experience including video production and the role of social media in advertising, these shared skills and experiences make a formidable force to assist people in realising their social media goals and aspirations. Producing branded video content for social media and online marketing.

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