Social Media Support

Social media, used effectively, is about open interaction, not broadcast.

Creating relationships and having conversations, and there is no better time to use social media than during an event.

Our team will work with you to utilise the best out of facebook, twitter and youtube, before, after and during your event or promotion.


Social Media Coverage

There are numerous areas that need to be considered when creating an event or marketing campaign.

Through careful planning and preparation, we offer the following social media content services, helping to continually engage your audience:

  • Continuous event updates
  • Transcription of speeches
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Segment uploads
  • Interviews

We can help with the pre-event coverage, plan content before creation, website integration and much more.

Statistics can also be recorded and analysed for post-event reviews


Live Streaming Video

Not everyone can make it to your event, but you can let them be a part of it.

Using live streaming you can share your event with people in any location and when combined with social media, will increase your online presence with potential and existing customers.


Twitter Walls

Twitter is a real time system, with direct Interaction between people.

Sharing that interaction with the public, passers by or simple with people in the same room can be achieved using an effective twitter wall.

From a small plasma screen to a large scale LED video walls.  We will match the technology to your event

Using different display formats, and content approval before broadcast you will be in full control of content.


You can download this page in a PDF file (Download Social Media Support)

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