Branded Video Content

Content Styles

Choosing the right format for your video is vital.  Here are some examples that work:


Product focus video 

Nothing sells a product better than seeing it in action, by it’s target user.


Service focus video

Seeing your company in action focusing on your key benefits and solutions.


Brand awareness video

Inform people what you are about, what your values are and propagate your business.


Event awareness video

Raise the profile of an up and coming event, using video to remind customers and clients of previous events.


Testimonials video

Providing reassurance to customers from other customers and their experiences


Direct message  video

Do you have something to announce, have a direct marketing idea, use video to be seen and be heard, remember the 60-second rule.


Video Interview

share your message during an interview, either as a one off or during an event.



using typography or an infographic style video can share all the vital information you want to share.

Continuous Content

For the most cost effect and impacting marketing, a continuous message is vital to maintain awareness, presence and to have an involved customer base.

Releasing a series of videos over a period of time reinforces your brand awareness better than any other medium.

Using the medium of social media, online and email marketing your videos will be seen and be noticed.

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience is with video newsletters.  Releasing as often as every month or every quarter, and sharing vital information about new products, current projects and case studies of recent work.


You can download this page in a PDF file (Download Branded Video Content)

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