ECG conference and youtube

If you’ve watched out Video Newsletter  then you’ll know that the team has been working at the ECG Conference in Scarborough, you can watch it here.

One of the roles of the team was to support and co-ordinate the social media management for the event.  During the week the stats for social media we’re really exciting.  With a  direct push during the event for people to engage with the conference and each other, with discussions and live twitter walls we we’re able to increase twitter followers by over 100.  And when the conference has 1300 delegates this was a great result, with many of those new to twitter in the first place.

As part of the conference we gave a seminar on “understanding social media and how to get connected”.  This was designed to help people understand how to go about using social networking and social media, by choosing your purpose, your delivery method and how to create the best interaction.


Here are some extracts from the seminar, focusing on




Youtube was founded in 2005 by a number of ex paypal employees. The idea of came from the difficulties experienced by one member in trying to share videos online.  Inspiration has been acknowledges having been influenced by a dating site called


Traffic soared as people began to put YouTube links in their MySpace pages, and then larger organisations such as Nike advertised on it.With the investment of time and money from google, Youtube has moved into both the realm of a search engine, and now is secondmost used search engine in the world, thus now making it afantastic resource for all purposes online.

People now search it for not just music videos, but how to’s, product reviews, Video Blogs etc.  Youtube offers a level of compatibility allowing integration with other social networking sites, websites and mobile devices.

The use of video has grown almost exponentially, and the reason is quiet simple:

“Video is more engaging that any other medium on the internet”

Over the last century, the preferred choice of advertising mediums have shifted from the printed format, to radio and then to TV.  As the price of these mediums has decreased over time, due to sites such as youtube and vimeo, online video is virtually free.  Also video production costs have dropped, this video for advertising has been available to most sized businesses, which it has never been before.

HD Video can be filmed, edited and uploaded just using something as simple as an iPhone.  Understandably the quality isn’t as good but it is feeding the demand for contact information.

Also with the increased speeds of internet access at home, at work and on mobile phones accessibility for higher quality materials is becoming simpler.  In addition home TV such as Tivo, google TV and other smart TV applications this is putting youtube directly on your home set.

Businesses are increasing their online video marketing budgets in 2012 like never before.

Creating a video and uploading it to youtube is not the final point.  By just uploading content and making it available will do very little by it’s self.  This is where the whole social media is supported very well by social networking.  Posting content on Facebook and twitter increases the audience as well as providing fresh content for your information streams.

Facebook especially works well in the “shared” idea.  If you share a video, you’re contacts see it and like it, and then they share it again your audience on that content goes from hundred’s to thousands.

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