Social Media Marketing

We support small & medium sized businesses and the self employed with affordable media for your marketing campaigns.

Marketing can be costly for any businesses if you are increasing your profile, promoting products and services or just maintaining your brand awareness.  Online marketing has made a massive difference within the last few years and now especially marketing through social media.

Statistics for social media usage are just staggering with sites like Facebook and You-Tube being the highest accessed websites throughout the world. Facebook is now the most accessed website on the internet overtaking google during 2011.  The use of smartphones to access social media networks in also on the increase, which leads us to ponder the question

“What am I doing to promote my business within social media networks?”

The use of video within social media plays a massive part of retention and brand interaction. The use of video results in 5 times longer interaction with a brand over a standard text website.  Its the intriguement factor with video leaving viewers not wanting to miss out on anything and wanting all information available there and then. can support you through this process.  Our production process will create a range of videos that will work along side your marketing plan or can even be part of their own marketing strategy.

We don’t just finish with the video production, we will guide you with search engine optimisation for your video to increase traffic to your website and well as supporting through the social media network integration.

Contact us to discuss how branded video content for social media will make a difference to your business.

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