Why should you consider using video marketing?

Video is King!

Youtube.com is now the second highest used search engine (after google of course!) and with use on both personal computers and smart phones this medium is accessible by everybody.  Games consoles and now TV set boxes have access to search for any type of video content.  Embedded video allow for videos to be placed almost anywhere on the internet and more importantly within websites like Facebook.

Video for online marketing is the fastest growing medium for businesses to promote themselves which allows for 5 times longer interaction over a standard advert and not forgetting that the age range for internet access marketing is not restricted to the young market the age range now covers all ages.

What should I be considering marketing through video?

Any services or products that you provide right through to staff introduction to your customers.  There is not one area of a business that can not be considered for video marketing.  In which context the area should be promoted should be in line with your branding strategy.

This can range from a single video promoting a specific product or service to a series of videos with seasonally focus or to promote a new product etc.


How easy is it to use?

With all areas of the internet now ready for video footage it couldn’t be easy to share your videos online.

Youtube.com uses a share/embed feature which allows for very easy encoding to add them to your own website as well as into Facebook and other forms of marketing such as newsletters.


How do i begin planning for video marketing?

Sharedmedia.tv can help you with the planning for video marketing.  Our tried and tested format for video production can be easily intergreated with your ideas to produce the video content to suits you and your business.

Contact us to discuss how you can progress your concepts into online video marketing campaign.

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